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The American Academy Of Sleep Medicine estimates that 30 to 40% of adults have trouble sleeping, and research has shown that Blue Light is one of the leading causes of sleep disruption.  And, Blue Light is everywhere.  No wonder insomnia is one of the top reasons people visit their doctors these days.

We’re exposed to Blue Light at work and at home thanks to the increased use of CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamp).  And we’re bombarded by it from all the electronic devices such as computers, iPads, TVs and DVD players we’ve become so dependent on.

Americans work hard and play hard.  As a nation we work longer hours and take fewer vacations than our Europeans neighbors.  Yes, we’re driven, but is some of this over-working and under-sleeping due the fact that we just simply can’t get a good night’s sleep?  Has Blue Light caused us to become a nation of insomniacs?

Current research would suggest the answer is yes.  A study conducted by Harvard University concluded that Blue Light is the reason we can’t sleep.

Insomnia is a particular problem since it can lead to so many health and workplace difficulties.  Insomnia is linked to weight gain, car accidents and other health problems like heart disease and diabetes.  Insomnia can effect your mood, your ability to think clearly and your performance at your job.  It can even effect how your immune system works and your ability to heal.

Eliminating some of the Blue Light you’re exposed to relatively easy.  In your bedroom, swap CFLs for lights that eliminate Blue Light, such as orange-colored bulbs or The Good Night Bulb, which produces a soft, natural, traditional-looking light for reading in bed.

You should also restrict time on computers and tablets for at least 2 hour before bedtime to help your body return to a natural sleep cycle.

Since a good night’s sleep is so important, maybe it’s time to start thinking of ways take back the night by limiting our exposure to Blue Light.

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith has been drawing cartoons for longer than he can remember. Jeff currently lives in Texas with his wife, Beany, and their own little "prayer pug," Newton. My aim in creating Prayer Pups Christian Comics is to help children and adults pursue a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture a better understanding of The Word by using the gift with which God blessed me.

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