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Scientists are discovering just how important lighting is to humans.  From work to play to sleep to mood – even studying – the right type of lighting can make a big difference.  For example, did you know that by changing a light bulb, you can improve your child’s grades?

Researchers at Harvard have been looking into the effects of different kinds of lighting for years.  And what they’ve discovered can drastically improve your kid’s ability to concentrate and study.

According to the research, biologically-corrected lighting not only had positive, but amazing, results on concentration and focus.  The premise is based on knowledge of circadian rhythm that the researchers discovered during their tests.

Circadian rhythm is the process by which the body uses melatonin to regulate sleep and wakefulness.  According to the Harvard team, artificial lighting may cause fatigue and sleepiness during daytime hours.  Why?  Because traditional artificial and even CFL lighting do not produce light that is comparable to the sun.

Back before there was artificial lighting, our circadian rhythm was determined by the sun.  People naturally went to bed earlier and woke up earlier.  But with the invention of artificial lighting, all that changed.  Artificial lighting opened up a whole new experience for us, but we sacrificed our circadian rhythm in the bargain.  So during the day, if we don’t get enough exposure to the sun’s rays – which would naturally tell our bodies to wake up and get busy – we experience fatigue and lack of concentration.

So, theoretically, sitting next to a sunny window during study hours would be a great idea, except that we now know too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.

But if you want to protect your child from the dangers of sun exposure, and bring up his GPA, switching to a light which provides a more natural light – like what the sun would provide, but without dangerous UV exposure – is a sound idea.

According to the Harvard researchers, increasing the amount and type of light when your child is studying will help with focus, attention-span and ability to concentrate.

A good light to try is the Definity Digital Awake & Alert light.  It is the same light that NASA uses to keep astronauts’ circadian rhythm in check on space missions.

Today, kids can use every advantage we can give them.  So if changing a light bulb can help improve your child’s grades, it seems like a no brainer.

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