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Thanks to all the press we’ve received lately from the mention of the sleep light in Dr. Oz’s magazine, a lot of folks are asking us how to use the lights most effectively. I’ve been using them for two months and both my wife and I are sleeping better than we ever before.

I saw results on the first night I used the light and haven’t looked back. It took a little longer for her to get the full benefit because she’s suffered from insomnia her entire life. But after two weeks with the Good Night Sleep Light, she’s now going to sleep easily and staying asleep all night.

So here’s the program we follow to get the most out of the sleep lights:

Dim the lights

Two hours before we go to bed, we turn off all unnecessary lights while we watch TV. We don’t make it dark, but we noticed we had gotten into the habit of leaving the kitchen and foyer lights on every night, even though we didn’t need them. We keep two end table lights turned on, each with a standard incandescent bulb.

Prepare the bedroom

About an hour before we want to go to sleep, we go to bed to read. We turn off all lights in the house except for our bedside tables, each containing a Good Night Sleep Light. We read with these lights on and we each get very sleepy in a very short time, usually about 30-45 minutes. We then turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Adjust to your needs

If you find that after two weeks, sleep is still not coming to you easily, or if you wake up a lot during the night, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Replace the lights in the room you spend your last two hours before bed with Good Night bulbs. Your body may be extremely resistant to producing melatonin, so this will give it an extra boost. Also use follow this plan if you don’t want to read before sleep.

  1. If you take an iPad or other tablet with you to bed for reading, you’re still bombarding your eyes with blue light, and unlike a TV, it’s positioned 12 inches from your face. We solved this problem with a SleepShield Screen Filter. You can also simply switch back to physical books.

Thanks to the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in the effects light has on our bodies and our health, sleep is can now be a reality for millions of insomnia sufferers. And with no drugs, no expensive supplements and no side effects, that sleep can be more restful and healthier than ever before.

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