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Last night, I finished up Expo West with 70,000 other seekers of the next new thing. I’m currently writing this overly-stimulated with every cell I have charged on a high alert. So I thought I’d take this minute to highlight a health concern that I have spoken about, but that wasn’t represented in fact – it wasn’t anywhere to be found – at the Natural Products Expo.

There was every vitamin/mineral/supplement mixture you could think of – every tea coffee and chocolate known to man – superfoods everywhere – ancient grains substituted for corn and wheat in everything – the next coconut water, which was everything from olive water to almond water – yoga matts abound – foot stimulators – a skin cream that had a oil from multiple exotic locations – everything “chick pea,” including chick pea waffles – and everything coconut (my favorite were the coconut chips that tasted just like crispy bacon).

But what wasn’t there at a Natural and Health Expo with 6000 booths was even more telling.

Because I believe we are experiencing the most toxic invasion we have ever seen (or at least since pesticides and GMOs) but no one is talking about it. And that is the proliferation of the Compact Fluorescent Light. There wasn’t one mention or one LED booth or “LED for Health” component at the entire show. Worse still, my room at the Hyatt had CFLs in all the lamps and they illuminated the entire convention center in Anaheim, making it a toxic sea of blue light, adding to my current over-stimulation issue. The irony is that there were multiple anti-GMO meetings and 600 people at the Organic Center touting the need to stop pesticides… and the whole time we are sitting under fluorescents. There’s some learning needing here for sure.

So this evening I am going home to get under my Lighting Science biologically-corrected sleep light so my body can relax. But to memorialize this lack of awareness at the Natural Products Expo, LightCues is excited to announce our LightCues Ebook called “The Sleep Better Guide.” We’re offering it free on LightCues, effective today.

Since the Natural and Health Expo didn’t cover this very important topic, just go to http://lightcues.com/ebook for your free copy (or use the signup below). And be sure to tell everyone to stop this proliferation of Compact Fluorescents or we will be in the same place we find ourselves with Pesticides and GMO’s today – uncontrollably impacting our health and wellness everyday.

(Image: Joe vs the Volcano. ©1990 Warner Brothers.)

Anthony Zolezzi

I have been very fortunate to live a fantastic life and now anything I can do to help someone else live with purpose and abundance, I make every effort possible. One day I realized that there are really only two things that led to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, GreenOpolis Recycling, Pet Promise pet food and now Wild Oats Foods. I'm here to spread that information far and wide. -- Rock On Anthony

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