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I travel a lot, and whenever I see one of those curly-shaped, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs in a hotel room, it gets me quite upset, because I realize how much we’ve been brainwashed into accepting a misguided form of lighting that’s doing us more harm than good.

In fact, the more I learn about the risks of CFLs the angrier I get about the way that both industry and government have attempted to coerce us into accepting something that’s not in our best interest, either environmentally or healthwise, while ‘keeping us in the dark’ about its risks.

First of all, there’s the the mercury they contain, which has the very real potential of exposing families to toxic vapors if one of these bulbs should break, as well as representing a long-term disposal nightmare. They also emit UV rays, exposure to which can cause skin damage and even set the stage for skin cancer.

Then there’s the kind of light they emit. Unlike the full-spectrum light given off those old-fashioned incandescent bulbs that have now been “phased out” by government edict, CFLs utilize the “blue light” side of the spectrum, which signals our bodies to wake up at precisely those times when nature has programmed us to become drowsy in preparation for the restorative power of sleep. By disrupting our bodies’ “circadian rhythms, using these bulbs in the evening could well be a cause of  insomnia in both children and adults.

I’ll have more to say on these issues in upcoming LightCues blogs.

Anthony Zolezzi

I have been very fortunate to live a fantastic life and now anything I can do to help someone else live with purpose and abundance, I make every effort possible. One day I realized that there are really only two things that led to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, GreenOpolis Recycling, Pet Promise pet food and now Wild Oats Foods. I'm here to spread that information far and wide. -- Rock On Anthony

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