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In the debut issue of Dr. Oz’s new magazine, The Good Life, he recommends the Good Night Light from Definity Digital as a great way to get some sleep. In fact, it’s even noted that Dr. Oz himself uses these bulbs in his bedside tables to help his sleep better and live a more healthy life.

This is great news for those who were looking for some more information about the science and effectiveness behind these revolutionary light bulbs. The science is strong, as we reported in a blog post about NASA and Good Night Lights on Jan 30, 2014:

“Once we got to a certain point with NASA, we started to realize there are a lot of people here on Earth that could use this as well,” said Robert Soler, director of research at Lighting Science, based in Satellite Beach, Fla. The company recently unleashed several consumer lighting products, which are now available, that have neatly packaged all that NASA research into some spiffy, energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light bulbs under the Definity Digital name.
“People on earth also don’t get the right kind of light,” Soler explained. “We spend 90 percent of our time indoors,” he noted, much like the astronauts who are so far removed from the sun. Soler calls this a “twilight lifestyle,” with not enough daytime sunlight exposure and the wrong kind of light in the evening hours before bedtime – all of which make for less sleep, and when we do manage to nod off, bad quality sleep.

If you’d like to buy the light bulbs recommended by Dr. Oz, they’re available from our online store or on Amazon.com.


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